Consensus: Judge Fallon is handling drywall litigation effectively December 29, 2009

The general consensus regarding the handling of the Multi District Litigation process by Judge Eldon Fallon has proven to be very positive, reported the Herald Tribune.  The pace at which the trials are progressing and developing is very fast in a legal context of federal cases.

Judge Fallon commented on Hurricanes that prompted the influx in imported drywall during 2005-2008: “When the hurricanes visited us, drywall was hard to get, if not impossible. An opportunity presented itself to China to ship in drywall, and it took advantage of that business opportunity.”

The Chinese drywall crisis is not the first instance of Judge Fallon presiding over Hurricane Katrina related cases.  A year following Katrina, the honorable Fallon oversaw a $330 million settlement following an oil spill which contaminated homes and businesses in Louisiana.  In addition to the oil spill case, Judge Fallon presided over the widely reported Vioxx case, that ended with a monumental $4.85 billion settlement.

As the above examples indicate, in addition to the Chinese drywall litigation underway, Judge Fallon has gained a reputation for taking consumer issues very seriously.  He tends to influence parties to reach common ground when the context is right.

The first trials are set to begin in just a few weeks.  A primary focus will concern itself with remediation issues.  Scientific experts are expected to come forth from both sides.  Judge Fallon’s findings may be meaningful to victims of defective drywall across the country.

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Written By John Hadlock on April 5th, 2010 @ 1:42 pm

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