Judge Fallon speaks on his desire for expediency March 24, 2010

U.S. District Court Judge Eldon Fallon will make a critical decision that will have far reaching impacts upon the homeowners facing defective drywall problems (the number of reported afflicted homeowners is in the thousands).

The Herald Tribune described the broad testimony that Fallon heard in recent days.  The focus of this article is on a case known as “The Bellwether Trial.”  The decision in that case will revolve around the needs of a Louisiana home.  Lilke other recent trials, this trial’s results will provide guidance for other affected families, homeowners, and persons following the developments.

One thing is for sure: Judge Fallon is doing his best to reach conclusions efficiently.  According to the source, Herald Tribune noted above, Judge Fallon said last Friday, “The time for a decision is now…[the drywall effects are] going to get worse [over time]…further meandering cannot stand.”

Other noteworthy comments from Fallon were made as well.  Fallon said “It’s one thing to theoretically analyze a case, but there’s nothing like putting it before a court….I think after you do that, both sides need to take a look at this matter and see whether you’ve learned enough from this experience to take a global look at the problem.”

The “global” look that Fallon is referring to may be a glimpse at the problem America is facing on a broader level; a problem centering around defective imports from China and safety measures that U.S. businesses instill (or should instill) as a result of the Chinese drywall crisis.

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Reader Comments

what he passed hurts people like myself who can not put in a claim. i was a renter and in febuary he had all the chinese drywall taken out of the home. Fullers ruling hurts me because now i can not submit my claim of health problems and property loss. Im not the only one that this affects alot of other people are in same boat. this ruling is unfair to us that are suffering with now life long problems and now can not get any help.

Written By john on March 31st, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

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